Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special Times

We have been having lots of fun lately, going to the spray water park, story time for each kiddo, and having our own fun in the water in our front yard.
We went to Ivy's second birthday party last Friday, and I totally forgot to take pictures. Luckily my sister took this one of Connor when I sat him down in the water. He loves playing in water, as does his big sis. He has been making me smile and laugh so much lately. He is doing new funny things with his mouth. We call it his 'old man face'. He has also been sticking his tongue out a lot, and he finally has a little tooth starting to poke through. It looks like it is the bottom right one. He wants to pull up and stand everywhere. He even gets daring sometimes and wants to let go. I can't believe he is going to be one in a month!!

Daddy and his friends went to the Ranger game Monday night, so Jill and I took Jessalyn, Connor, Averie, Kamille, and Sophie (Melissa had to work) to Chick Fil A and then back to Jill's house to play. Jill got stuff for the girls to make cookies, and they loved it. Jessalyn loves to bake and was very meticulous about her cookies. Here she is with flour on her face.

Such adorable girls!

Beautiful Friends
Also, Eric and I took Jessalyn to see Ice Age yesterday and to eat at Cha Cha's. We just wanted to spend some extra time with our girl, and I'm so glad we did!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Games and Tricks

We went to the Ranger game on Friday, July 17th with Donnie, Jill, and Averie. The Rangers played the Twins. Rangers lost 5-3, but we still had a lot of fun. The fireworks afterwards were great!

Hi, my name is Connor, and this is what I like to do now instead of laying down and taking my nap. Do you like my new trick?

Eric and Jessalyn went back to the Ranger game on Sunday night with Kevin, Beverly, Clayton, Harrison, Ron and Cheryl. Jessalyn had a blast! She played in the kids area, hit the ball off the tee, and played wiffle ball with the boys. She always has so much fun with them!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hangin' with the kiddos

Our little peanut (10 months) has started to crawl around more, pulling up, and wanting to stand. Here he is having fun!
Look mommy, one hand!
He is so proud of himself!

Anytime I get the camera out, Jessalyn wants to pose. Always the performer!

with one of her favorite books, Fancy Nancy of course!

My two precious kiddos having fun together! These are some of my favorite times!

Connor sportin' his boxers

4th of July- we ended up going out to eat, coming home to do baths and get pajamas on, and then went to watch Fireworks in the car- good memories
(best pic we got, squinting because of the sun)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vegas Trip

Eric and I went with our friends, Shane and Mandy, and Steve and Angie, to Las Vegas for four days/three nights. We had a blast!
Here are the boys playing the Star Wars slot machine.
Eric and I on Freemont Street (Downtown)

This trip was in honor of our 10th anniversary (which is actually in August) so we took a night to go out to a nice steakhouse called Gallagher's. It was in New York, New York.

I had to take a picture with Holly Madison's poster. She was in a show that was playing at our hotel. We didn't see it, but I am ashamed to say I have watched her in 'The Girls Next Door'.

Eric with Shaq's handprints

Mandy, Angie, and I in Planet Hollywood

All the rooms in Planet Hollywood are movie/actor themed.
Our room was 'Field of Dreams' We loved it!

White Sox uniform

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My 'Baby' Sister Got Married!

My sister, Sarah, got married to Jonny Carroll on June 20th. It is impossible for me not to think of her as my 'baby' sister as she is 8 years younger than me, but she really is a beautiful young woman. I am so proud of her! I was a bridesmaid, Jessalyn was the 'wedding' girl (as she insisted us calling her that), and Eric played the guitar and I sang 'Until You'.

Jessalyn getting her hair done. She looked like an angel.

Sarah and Jessalyn

Kim and I gave Sarah a necklace from James Avery that is called the 'clover of hearts'. It has 3 hearts that are connected, just like the 3 of us.

The 3 sisters

It was a beautiful wedding, great reception, and wonderful start to a new marriage.