Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Oh my goodness, my baby started kindergarten!!

Here she is before leaving the house...

On our way to Brockett...

On our way to the classroom...

And finally with her wonderful teacher, Mrs.Stapleton!

Hanging with the girls

Melissa kept Jessalyn for me on a teacher workday, so I returned the favor and kept Kamille and Sophie while her and Blaine went out for her birthday. Her girls are precious, and Jessalyn has so much fun with them!

Sweet Sophie with Connor

Girls will be girls!
Jessalyn and Kamille dressed up doing makeup

We've had our baths, and we are chilling in the bed watching a movie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Lost Tooth

My big girl lost her first tooth this last Saturday, August 15th. She and Nana had realized how loose it was the night before. She was kind of nervous about the whole thing at first, but settled down with the idea. We were eating lunch, and she told me to look at it. I wiggled it a little bit, and it came out! She was so excited! We called Daddy, Nana, and Gran.

The tooth fairy brought a Hello Kitty spin brush, toothpaste, necklace, bracelet, and a dollar.

Six Flags

Jessalyn had been asking to go to Six Flags, and Jill's cousin was in a show at the Southern Palace, so we all decided to go out to Six Flags. It was hot, but we had fun.
Jessalyn and Averie with Daffy and Porky

Having fun riding the Looney Tunes train

The girls with Yosemite Sam

Daddy and his girl riding the carousel

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rewards and Pictures

When we were in Las Vegas, I got Jessalyn a Melissa and Doug behavior/chore chart. It is really neat and you choose which chores work for your child. For instance, we have pick up toys, get dressed, obey, share, be respectful and a couple of others. Each night we go through the chart, and she gets to put the magnetic 'stickers' next to the ones she did good on for that day. I told her when she got to 75 she could choose a reward. She chose to go to Build a Bear. Here she is stuffing her dog.

Naming her dog, Allie

This is what happens when you have a big sister- you get the Hannah Montana hair/headband put on you. This was given to her when she played at Kamille's house.
Rock on dude!

Every summer Jill and I take the girls to get their pictures done. We went to eat afterwards and I snapped a few pictures of my own- this is one of the best snapshots I have ever gotten of them together!