Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fun

Before school was out, we started taking advantage of playing outside more!! We usually try to wait until the evening when the house shades the backyard. We got the kids a new playhouse from Costco. It has a pretend grill, sink, water/sand buckets, and basketball hoop. We also started to pull out the blow up pool and then got a new water splash mat as well. Both kids really love to play outside and especially in the water so they have been having a blast together.

It has also been nice because Eric has been grilling out a lot. Steaks, grilled corn, potatoes....yummy! It's nice to have those family nights at home:)

Additions to Connor's vocabulary list:
"I press it" (when he wants to press a button), book, 'quack' for duck, 'roar' for lion, 'moo' for cow, 'Where's belly button' (looks for it) then says 'there it is', thank you,
Today he pulled Jessalyn's hair (one of our new bad habits), I told him to tell her he was sorry, and he laid his head down on her lap and said "sorry", then I said "you are not to pull sissy's hair, okay?" and he said "okay". It was so cute (even though he was getting in trouble).

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